Smart Online Video Chat


How to online dating a random woman the RIGHT WAY:


So you find yourself in front of the screen again, looking for a nice lady to chat, talk or even video chat with,

but you're tired of all those websites having 99% of their users the same gender as yours - male.

After skipping dozens of them, you're frustrated or even WORSE - banned from the website.


So what can you do? Is there a website with a gender filter, which is also free? (registered/unregistered!)

Well my friend, THERE IS a solution for this problem, provided by a high-quality video-chat website with 

a potentially (I will teach you how soon) UNLIMITED skips of GIRLS ONLY! (yes it has a FREE gender filter!)


On this website, that I'll provide the link to soon, most of the girls are young (18~30) AND are from Russian or Ukraine,

which also known to have the prettiest girls on the planet!

And in order to get a nice attention from the girls, please act politely - so you can benefit more from every talk!

Some girls search for more sexual talk while others don't,

so if it's not what you were looking for, then just skip to the next girl.



Now for the site and how to do it right:

>When reaching the website, as said before, you don't need to register, just allow the website to get access to the microphone and camera

and you'll be able to start and searching.

>You'll be asked to give yourself a temporary nickname and specify your gender, so the website will know whether to match you with girls or guys.

>After few matches, the website is going to stop matching you, and give you a time limit of few minutes that you need to wait, before you  can match again more.


once you reach this state, you have two options - the first one, ofcourse, is to wait few minutes.

But the second option is to register(for FREE!) - and then you will be able to match again instantly!

>After reaching this state, again the website will prevent you from matching, and ask you to wait a few minutes again in order to start        matching with girls more.

Usually, if you don't want to wait, you can simply log-off to the unregistered state. the time countdown of the unregistered state will keep  passing even when you're in the registered state (same with the time countdown of the registered state!). So you can simply "jump" from      the registered to the unregistered state every time you encounter this time restriction - and start match with girls while the time restriction

of the other state goes by...

If you don't want to wait even for that, you can always log out to the unregistered state and make a different account. By doing so, you'll be able to match more instantly on the new account without waiting!

>For the last thing you need to know, well, there is always the option to pay. The system on this website works as following:

First, you need to buy a state called "premium". you can buy it for few days, weeks, month or even a year.

After that, you need to fill your "minutes bank" to actually chat. The website usually have special offers and discounts from time to time. 

Note that when buying premium, you'll automatically get alot of minutes, so dont worry about that.


When video chatting with girls, there will be a present icon on the side of the screen.

Some girls ask for gifts - use it with caution because each present costs you some amount of minutes from your bank!


Wish you happy random video chatting!


Smart Video Chat

Now for the site and how to do it right: