How to buy from ebay - איך לקנות נכון מאיביי

Smart ways to search through Ebay products to find the BEST deals:


 When you're looking to buy new products on Ebay such as computer parts, cool gadgets and fashionate clothes or accessories - wether its for sports, night parties or even for daily basis, you need to filter it smart - and here are the reasons why:


1. Missing offers and overpricing - Some of the deals on Ebay are time limited, some of them ask you to make an offer and when the time limit expires, the highest offer wins.

This means you might pay higher than what the product should cost, or even miss the opportunity to buy your desired product because someone else offered higher than you without you even noticing.


2. Condition - Some of the products are NOT NEW! didn't you expect to get a new item? right out of the box? Well it isnt always the case in eBay. There are many products with defects, second handed, used, or almost new - but somebody used or tried them a little bit before.

This leads to you waiting a week or more to get your product, just to see it's not in a good condition!


3. Price - Let's assume you've found what youre looking for, you checked it's a brand new product and you belive it's available in a good condition.. But, there are dozens other products just the same! Some offer free shipping, some does not ship to all couontries, some offer the same value for lower price and some of them you might not even see because they'll be found only by scrolling down the page alot.

This means you might buy the same product much cheaper! what a waste...


4. Seller's reputation - On eBay, you can find many types of sellers: fast active sellers, slow and inactive, trusted and scammers. This means you need to filter also for seller with the best feedback!

If not - it might lead to you getting a product with different attributes or physical appearance than the one you ordered (after waiting more than a week!). You might even not get it at all. Then you're gonna need to open a case on eBay support in order to get your money back, and it does not happen so fast...


In conclusion, you need to spend alot of time EVERY TIME you search for a product - and hope for the best. 

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We also hope you enjoyed this article and learned new information, we wish you to shop smart!